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"I started exploring camera phone photography as a medium while I was living and working in New York City in 2012. As a daily subway commuter, my fairly low-res smartphone became my most reached for camera, enabling me to capture quick vignettes on my commute and on breaks. My camera phone enabled me to shoot, make edits, and digitally 'publish' my work within the same hour using one piece of gear. 

The instantaneity of this type of creative process has been energizing to me as a photographer, affording me mobility and ease of use. I admire how the wealth of apps available online democratizes digital photography, removing the financial obstacle that photographic equipment often can be, allowing anyone with a smartphone the same set of "gear." Without worrying about the complexity of my camera, I feel more free to notice the environment around me, and ultimately shoot more. This simple medium has opened up to me a world of photography that's become my go-to medium for the majority of my personal work."